HEP department
( IFSAP – 2003 )
XIIth session, St.Petersburg, 20 – 25 October 2003
IFSAP – 2003 will take place at Petershof Campus of the University
PROGRAM MAP MAP ( in Russian )
The aim of the IFSAP is to provide exceptionally talented young physicists with opportunities for interacting with senior physicists and young physicists from other countries. The School is intended for post-doctoral students and research workers who wish to obtain concentrated information on recent results and will cover both basic knowledge and the most recent findings and provide ample possibility for discussions. Advanced post-graduates can be also admitted. Visits to laboratories in St.Petersburg are envisaged. IFSAP – 2003 will contain lectures on the following topics
– Physics at LHC
– Quantum Gravity
– Non-commutative spaces
– Diquarks in QFT
– Quark-Gluon Plasma
– Exotic Hadrons
and other topics relevant to Physics of 21 century.
The first week of the School will contain pedagogical sets of lectures.
The second week will be devoted to tutorials and visits to laboratories.
Programme Committee:
A. Bogush, Minsk
M. Bordag, Leipzig
V. Kouzminov, UNESCO, Venezia
P. Kulish, St.Petersburg, PDMI
L. Lipatov, Gatchina
A. Malakhov, JINR, Dubna
V. Matveev, Moscow
Yu. Novozhilov, St.Petersburg
G. Pronko, Protvino
V. Rubakov, Moscow
D. Shirkov, JINR, Dubna
A. N. Sissakian, JINR, Dubna
D. Sternheimer, Dijon
D. Vassilevich, Leipzig
Local Organizing Committee:
A. Chirtsov, Dean, StPbU Centre of Physics,
M. Kozodaeva, Euro-Asian Physical Society,
V. Novozhilov, IFSAP Director,
E. Rjumtsev, Director, V. A. Fock Institute of Physics,
V. Ter-Nersessjants, Secretary,
V. Vechernin, Dept.of Theoretical Physics
A limited number of fellowships will be available from UNESCO and the Euro-Asian Physical Society. UNESCO fellowships will be awarded to participants from countries of the former Soviet Union outside Russia. A fellowship includes travel by train, board and lodging.
Applications for participation should be sent by email to IFSAP Director
Seminar "Physics and Modeling World" PHYSMOD-2003
within the framework of the IFSAP-2003
supported by the UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science cooperation in Europe
St.Petersburg, October 20-24, 2003.
Some more information about purpose, program, history,... of IFSAP
Information about IFSAP in 1991-2000 can be found on website www.eaps.ru

Contact person: Dr. Victor Novozhilov, Director of IFSAP,
V. A. Fock Institute of Physics,
St. Petersburg State University,
1, Ulyanovska, 198904, St.Petersburg, Russia
Phone: +7-812- 343-64-74; Fax: +7-812-428-4240;
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