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We  employ  the  QCD  sum  rules  method for
description  of  nucleons  in nuclear matter. We
show  that  this  approach provides a consistent
formalism   for   solving  various  problems  of
nuclear physics. Such nucleon characteristics as
the  Dirac  effective  mass $m^*$ and the vector
self-energy $\Sigma_V$ are expressed in terms of
the  in-medium  values  of  QCD condensates. The
values of these parameters at saturation density
and  the dependence on the baryon density and on
the   neutron-to-proton   density  ratio  is  in
agreement   with   the   results,   obtained  by
conventional   nuclear   physics   method.   The
contributions   to   $m^*$  and  $\Sigma_V$  are
related   to  observables  and  do  not  require
phenomenological    parameters.    The    scalar
interaction  is  shown  to  be determined by the
pion-nucleon    $\sigma$-term.   The   nonlinear
behavior  of the scalar condensate may appear to
provide a possible mechanism of the saturation.
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Март 2015