journal club 14.04.2015, high energy physics department
by: , @ Fri, 10 Apr 2015 20:02:21 +0400

Dear Colleagues,

on Tuesday, April the 14th, we will have a journal club at 12:40.

I think I would embark on a crazy attempt to discuss some more
observational aspects of cosmology. I offer to consider the recent
papers which are listed below. We will do as many of them as time
permits. And I hope to serve all the leftovers at later times. :)

David Kraljic, Subir Sarkar. How rare is the Bullet Cluster (in a ΛCDM

Paolo Creminelli, Diana López Nacir, Marko Simonović, Gabriele
Trevisan, Matias Zaldarriaga. Detecting Primordial B-Modes after Planck.

L. Amendola, E. Menegoni, C. Di Porto, M. Corsi, E. Branchini.
Constraints on a scale-dependent bias from galaxy clustering.

H. Lemmel, Ph. Brax, A. N. Ivanov, T. Jenke, G. Pignol, M. Pitschmann,
T. Potocar, M. Wellenzohn, M. Zawisky, H. Abele. Neutron Interferometry
constrains dark energy chameleon fields.

Bin Hu, Marco Raveri. Can modified gravity models reconcile the tension
between CMB anisotropy and lensing maps in Planck-like observations?

Bridget Falck, Kazuya Koyama, Gong-bo Zhao. Cosmic Web and
Environmental Dependence of Screening: Vainshtein vs. Chameleon.

Brent Follin, Lloyd Knox, Marius Millea, Zhen Pan. A First Detection of
the Acoustic Oscillation Phase Shift Expected from the Cosmic Neutrino

Best regards,