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Семинар 11 июня 2019. Maria Jose Guzman. Modified teleparallel gravity, degrees of freedom, and local Lorentz invariance

11 июня 2019, в 12:45
Кафедра физики высоких энергий и элементарных частиц

María José Guzmán Monsalve
(Universidad de La Serena, Chile)

Modified teleparallel gravity, degrees of freedom, and local Lorentz

We will introduce the theoretical foundations of the teleparallel
equivalent of general relativity, a theory of gravity where the
fundamental field is the vielbein or tetrad instead of the metric
tensor. This defines a non-trivial spacetime where torsion describes the
gravitational phenomena, provided that the curvature is set to zero. We
will consider several theories of modified gravity in the teleparallel
formalism, in particular f(T) gravity. This kind of theories have gained
popularity in recent years due to its versatility to predict new physics
in both high and low energy regimes. Some modified teleparallel schemes
have been successful in smoothing black hole singularities and making
new predictions in cosmology. The theory comes with additional degree(s)
of freedom due to the breaking of local Lorentz symmetry, whose physical
interpretation remains to be understood, and nowadays it comprehends an
active field of research. We will focus on the study of the additional
degrees of freedom of modified teleparallel gravities through the
Dirac-Bergmann algorithm for constrained Hamiltonian systems, and its
relation with the partial violation of local Lorentz symmetry.

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