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Семинар 24 апреля 2018. Sibasish Banerjee. Five-dimensional gauge theories and strings

24 апреля 2018, в 12:45
Кафедра физики высоких энергий и элементарных частиц

Sibasish Banerjee (Max Planck Institute, Bonn)

Five-dimensional gauge theories and strings

Five-dimensional gauge theories preserving 8 supercharges possess a
rich spectrum of BPS states. Compactified on a torus, these theories
reduce to sigma-models whose target space gets instanton corrections
from these BPS states and carries an isometric action of the torus
modular group. I will present a joint work with Alexandrov and Longhi
where we showed that this sigma model can be captured in a rigid limit
of type II string theory compactified on a Calabi-Yau manifold. The
rigid limit is induced by a certain local limit on the Calabi-Yau. I
will also illustrate how the different instanton corrections on the
gauge theory side, which thus far remained elusive, can be understood in
the light of the recent progress made in studying the hypermultiplet
moduli space of string theory.

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