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Семинар 15 мая 2018. Elizabeth Gould. Constraining holographic cosmology with Planck data

15 мая 2018, в 12:45
Кафедра физики высоких энергий и элементарных частиц

Elizabeth Gould

Constraining holographic cosmology with Planck data

The holographic cosmology framework exploits holographic dualities in
order to express inflationary predictions in terms of the observables of
a 3D quantum field theory (QFT). If the dual QFT is strongly coupled
this framework reproduces standard inflationary predictions, in
particular the power spectra of primordial curvature perturbations are
well approximated by the standard power law expansion, while in the
opposite case of dual QFT being perturbative one obtains a new
holographic expansion. ‎We compare the two cases against the state of
the art cosmological observations and show that they do equally well at
l>30, where a holographic perturbative expansion can be trusted. In
order to compare the model to the data for low l values, we are
currently developing lattice simulations of holographic cosmology in
order to model the low-l non-perturbative regime.

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