Denis V. Gonta

Denis V. Gonta

Now PHD student

Institut of Physics

Kassel University

D-34132 Kassel, Germany

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Date and Place of Birth:
September 27, 1980; v. Ialoveni, d. Chisinau, R. Moldova

Republic of Moldova

High School:
1995 - 1998 Republican Real Lyceum
(with specialization in Physics and Mathematics) d. Chisinau, R. Moldova

1998 - 2001 Department of Physics,
State University of Moldova

2001 - 2002 Bachelor Diploma;
High Energy and Elementary Particles Physics Department, Faculty of Physics,
St. Petersburg State University

2002 - 2005 Master Diploma; High Energy and Elementary Particles Physics Department, Faculty of Physics, St. Petersburg State University

Research Experience:

2000 - 2001 Participation in seminar on String/M-theory and Gravity
led by Prof. Dr. Sergiu Vacaru at Academy of Sciences of Moldova.

2000 - 2001 Fourth year project:
"Numeric Modeling of the Wing Oscillations Problem" under supervision of Dr. Alexandru Barsuc.

2001 - 2002 Bachelor project:
"Introduction of the Torsion in the Randall-Sundrum Model" under supervision of Prof. Valentin Franke. The thesis was devoted to one extension of the remarkable scenario by incorporating the Cartan's torsion tensor.

2002 - 2005 Master project:
"Effective Field Equations on a 4-Dimensional Submanifold in a 5-Dimensional Space-Time" under supervision of Prof. Valentin Franke. The thesis was devoted to the study of effective field theory on the 3-brane in a 5-dimensional bulk endowed with Z_2-symmetry motivated by the massless bosonic sector of type IIB theory compactified on a sphere S^5.

2005 Participation in seminar on Gravity and Cosmology led by Prof. Andrey Grib at A. Friedmann Laboratory for Theoretical Physics.


Refereed Journals:

Effective Equations on the 3-Brane World from Type IIB String.
International Journal of Modern Physics A 21, 83 (2006),
arXiv preprint: gr-qc/0503009

AdSS_5 Brane World Cosmology.
J. High Energy Phys. 12, 007 (2004),
arXiv preprint: hep-ph/0401117

Electronic Preprints:

Clifford and Riemann-Finsler Structures in Geometric Mechanics and Gravity,
arXiv preprint: gr-qc/0508023
(with with Sergiu Vacaru, Panayiotis Stavrinos, and Evghenii Gaburov)

A Method of Constructing Off-Diagonal Solutions in Metric-Affine and String Gravity.
arXiv preprint: hep-th/0310133
(with Sergiu Vacaru and Evghenii Gaburov)

Off-Diagonal Metrics and Anisotropic Brane Inflation.
arXiv preprint: hep-th/0109114
(with Sergiu Vacaru)

Anholonomic Frames and Thermodynamic Geometry of 3D Black Holes.
arXiv preprint: gr-qc/0106069
(with Sergiu Vacaru and Panayiotis Stavrinos)

Schools and Conferences:

* JINR-UNESCO (ROSTE) short-term fellowship for the participation in Advanced Summer
School on Modern Mathematical Physics, Dubna, 14-26 July 2005

* International V. A. Fock School for Advances of Physics, XIth, XIIth, XIIIth, and XIIIIth sessions,
St. Petersburg, October-November 2002-2005

* VI International Conference Cosmion dedicated to 90-th Anniversary of Ya. B. Zeldovich,
St. Petersburg, 9-15 September 2004

Field of interests:

Strings Branes and Extra Dimensions, Gravity and Cosmology, SUSY, QFT, Geometry vs Physics

Computer Knowledge:

Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Windows.
Programming abilities in C/C++, pascal, basic.
Possess a good training in numerical methods.
Advanced knowledge of mathematical packages as Mathematica and Maple.


Prof. Valentin A. Franke
Research Institute of Physics of Saint-Petersburg State University
Ulyanovskaya str. 1, Petrodvorets 198504, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Prof. Dr. Sergiu I. Vacaru
Department of Mathematics,
Brock University,
St. Catharines, Ontario, L2S 3A1, Canada
Tel: +905-688-5550 (ext)-1110,
Fax: +905-682-9020

Prof. Dr. Academician Andrey A. Grib
Department of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy, Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia,
48, Moika Emb., Saint-Petersburg, 191186, Russia

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