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General information
Seminar on Problems of Measurability in Quantum Gravity and of Dark Part of Universe is dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of Matvey P. Bronstein (02.12.1906-18.02.1938) — professor of the Leningrad (St.Petersburg) State University and research fellow of the A.F.Ioffe Physical Technical Institute, whose seminal papers on quantization of gravity were pioneering in a long and not yet completed search for understanding Particle Physics at short distances. As well M.P. Bronstein was a first one in his conjecture on the variable cosmological constant that nowadays is associated to Dark Energy in Universe. His important contributions into different areas of theoretical physics: from semiconductors to astrophysics — were indispensable in development of physics knowledge in Europe and beyond.
The Seminar will start on 30.November 2006 at 10:00 in the main building of the St.Petersburg State University (Peter's Hall) where M.P.Bronstein gave his lectures on theoretical physics. On 1. and 2.December it will last in the Institute of Applied Astronomy. The preliminary program is based on about 20 invited talks (50 min. + 10 min. for discussion) and it includes at least one Round Table to dispute the modern state of gravity quantization, dark side of Universe and beyond.
The Seminar is sponsored by
St. Petersburg State University

Institute of Applied Astronomy of Russian Academy of Sciences
Russian Fond for Basic Research
Dmitry Zimin Dynasty Foundation
The participation in the Seminar is free: no registration fee is required. On the other hand, at present the Organizing committee does not yet have any funds to reimburse participants living and travel expenses. However for a better organization (the auditorium capacity, badges, participant's kit etc.) the preliminary registration is very welcome and it is certainly necessary for participants who need an accommodation.
Contacts: any questions on the scientific program, accomodation and travel can be also addressed to Co-chairman Alexander Andrianov and Scientific Secretary Vladimir Andrianov from "Contacts" page.
100th Anniversary
of Matvey P. Bronshtein's birth
September 2006