September 21-25

Hotel reservation possibilities in Petergof
The Hotel located in the "Freilinsky House", a house built by Alexander Benua for the tzarist court women. It is located in 6min. from the St-Petersburg prospect where one can take a bus and within 20min. arrive at the Institute.
The place is very nice and calm, this is the edge of the Lower and Upper Parks of Peterhof close to the Grand Palace. We are planning to arrange the special bus to take our guests from this place to the Institute.
The prices, breakfast not included (the breakfasts can be served for additional 4 euros.) are:
  • 1950 rub. (35 euro) for a single room,
  • 1950 rub. (35 euro) for a person in a double room,
  • 3900 rub. (70 euro) for a double room,
  • 2350 rub. (43 euro) for person in a "suite", and correspondingly
  • 4600 rub. (89 euro) for the whole "suite".
You can reserve a room using their Fax number +7 812 450 5403 or to communicate with them by e-mail:

There is now a handful of standard hotels in Petergof. Most of them are located on the Sankt-Petersburg prospect -- our main highway. To illustrate these possibilities we present the conditions in one of them.
Hotel "Samson", Petergof, Sankt-Petersburg prosp., 44; (812)334-71-55 It takes 20min. by bus to get to the Institute. You can see the details on the site of the Hotel:
The conditions there are standard. You can reserve a room via Internet.
Please take into account that the rooms there have different orientations. The ones directed to the south looks at the Olgin Lake and this is a good variant. The ones oriented to the north looks at the St-Petersburg prospect -- the main highway connecting Petergof region with Sankt-Petersburg, these rooms could be rather noisy, the traffic is hard.

We hope to arrange a possibility of accomodation in student campus for younger participants.

If you have any difficulties in arranging the reservation, please, let us know and we shall try to help you.
July 2015