In Search of Fundamental Symmetries


Conference materials

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Day 1

01_Braun_Yu.V.Novozhilov Life and Work.pdf
02_Faddeev_Aspects of the renormalization of the D=4 Yang-Mills theory.pdf
03_Lipatov_Non-perturbative effects for Pomeron in QCD.pdf
04_Tulub_Broken symmetry in nonrelativistic physics and theory of Polarons.ppt
05_Rusanov_Graphene, a 2D body in the 3D space.ppt
06_Slavnov_Classical soliton-like solutions of the yang-mills theory.pdf
07_Azimov_Reanalysis of the Froissart theorem.pdf
08_Tokarev_Self-similarity of hadron production and z-scaling.pdf
09_Pusenkov_Quark masses and meson spectrum from the holographic approach to QCD.pdf
10_Zubov_Exact solution to the 't Hooft equation in the limit of large quark mass.pdf
11_Valcarcel_Involutive Constrained systems Two dimensional BF gravity.pdf
12_Antonov_Renormalization group in the problem of growing interface renormalizable model with infinitely many charges.pdf
13_Fialkovsky_Towards QED with real graphene.pdf
14_Gulitskiy_Logarithmic violation of scaling in strongly anisotropic turbulent transfer of a passive vector field.pdf

Day 2

15_Andrianov_QCD Bosonization Parity Breaking in Strong interactions.pdf
16_Ioffe_SUSY Quantum Mechanics shape invariance and separation of variables.pdf
17_Vassilevich _Spectral action, noncommutative geometry, and particle physics.pdf
18_Arefeva_Holographic thermalization.ppt
19_Alexandrov_Non-perturbative effects in string theory compactifications.pps
20_Eides_Proton Radius Puzzle New Physics.pdf
21_Golovnev_Modifying the gravity successes and failures.pdf
22_Damaskinsky_Ortogonal polynomials and oscillator-like algebras.pdf
23_Lyakhovsky_Chebyshev polynomials in three-dimensional algebras.pdf
24_Nishnianidze_New two-dimensional quantum models with shape invariance.pdf
25_Pogrebkov_Commutator identities on associative algebras and integrable equations in non-Abelian case.pdf
26_Nazarov_Splints of root systems for special Lie subalgebras.pdf
27_Slavianov_Antiquantization and corresponding symmetries.pdf
28_Sheykin_The construction and classification of minimal embeddings for the nonrotating black holes.pdf
29_Kolevatov_Search of Parity Violation in Cosmic Rays.pdf
30_Kudryavtsev_Heavy states of hadron string as weak interacting massive particles for dark matter.pdf
31_Semenova_Description of baryons and possibility of removal of high isospins in composite superconformal string model.pdf

Day 3

32_Shchekin_Nucleation of and transition in core-shell particles separation of stable and unstable variables and integration of kinetic equation.pptx
33_Efimov_Quantum particle in random media.pdf
34_Afonin_Bottom-up holographic approach to QCD.ppt
35_Kulish_Integrable models and hidden symmetries.pdf
36_Grib_High energy physics in the vicinity of black holes.pdf
37_Pismak_Symanzik approach for Casimir effect QED.pdf
38_Paston_The connection between Hawking and Unruh effects in embedding theory.pdf
39_Vechernin_Correlation between Transverse Momenta in the Model with String Fusion.pdf
40_Feofilov_Some surprises in pp, pA and AA high energy collisions.ppt
41_Kovalenko_Dipole-based description of pp interaction.pdf
42_Bekzhanov_Elastic electron-deuteron scattering within the Bethe-Salpeter approach.pdf
43_Yurev_Three-nucleon calculations within the Bethe-Salpeter approach with separable kernel.pdf
44_Andronov_Long-Range Rapidity Correlations and Fluctuations in Model with Two Types of Sources.pdf
45_Manida_Mechanics with SL(2,R) symmetry.pdf
46_Starodubtsev_Dimensional reduction at Planck scale.pdf
47_Novikov_Quantum cosmology of multi-field matter some exact solutions.pdf
48_Mitropolskiy_Distribution of digits.ppt