St-Petersburg State University Research Institute of Physics Faculty of Physics High Energy and Elementary Particles Physics
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How find us
How find us
Our address:

Ulyanovskaya str., 1.

phone: 7-812-428-45-53
fax: 7-812-428-72-40

Research Institute of Physics,
building "I", section 3

How to reach?

From Saint-Petersburg by electric train.
From the Baltic railway station up to station University on any of the electric trains following in directions: Oranienbaum, Kalishhe, Krasnoflotsk, Lebjazh'e. The train goes by stations: EHlektrodepo, Bronevaja, Leninskijj prospekt, Dachnoe, Ul'janka, Ligovo, Sosnovaja Poljana, Volodarskaja, Strel'na, Krasnye Zori, Novyjj Petergof, Staryjj Petergof.
Rough time in a way of 50 minutes.

From Saint-Petersburg by bus or a fixed-route taxi.
By any bus or a fixed-route taxi going up to the university.
Departure from stations of the underground: Baltic railway station, Avtovo.

How to pass?

From a platform.
How to pass from a platform.

From the institute main entrance
Go upstairs on a first floor by the front staircase. Ahead of you there will be a winter garden, behind — a conference hall. On the right and to the left of a conference hall the corridors conducting in section "I" are located. Take advantage of right one. Hardly more to the right opposite to a door from which you will leave, having passed a corridor, there is a door on a staircase. Go upstairs on 4-th floor. Pass on the left and you are on a place.

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