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The new book by A.N.Vasil'ev

The Field Theoretic Renormalization Group
in Critical Behavior theory and Stochastic Dynamics

Book's Title, Contents and Preface (download pdf-file)
It was published in 1998 in Russian and now is available in English,
translated by Patricia A. de Forcrand-Millard and published by Chapman and Hall/CRC.

The book includes detailed description of field theoretic methods (functional and diagrammatic techniques, renormalization and renormalization group, composite operators and short-distance expansion etc) to the theory of critical behavior, critical dynamics, stochastic differential equations and fully developed turbulence.

The book is self-contained, but it can also be viewed as a continuation of the previous books by A.N. Vasiliev:

"Functional Methods in Quantum Field Theory and Statistical Physics".
Gordon and Breach, 1998.
Leningrad University, 1976
L.Ts.Adzhemyan, N.V.Antonov and A.N.Vasiliev.
"The Field Theoretic Renormalization Group in Fully Developed Turbulence".
Gordon and Breach, 1999.

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