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    The    Reggeon   Field   Theory   (RFT)   is
successfully  used  for  describing  the low p_t
hadronic  interactions.  Equations  on the Green
functions  of  certain  models  of the RFT, with
triple coupling and Pomeron scattering term, are
equivalent  to  the  evolution equations for the
multiparticle  inclusive  distributions  of  the
classical  system  of \"partons\". The partons can
undergo   diffusion  in  the  transverse  plane,
splitting,  pairwise fusion and annihilation and
death.   This   equivalence   can  be  used  for
computing  Green functions and amplitudes of the
RFT   with   all  loops  contributions  included
[Boreskov,   hep-ph/0112325].   I\'ll   speak  on
numerical  realisation  of  the approach and its
applications  to  calculating total, elastic and
diffractive cross sections.
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March 2009