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Семинар 28 ноября 2017. Martin Krssak. Modified Gravity Theories as Analogues of Non-linear Electrodynamics

28 ноября 2017, в 12:45
Кафедра физики высоких энергий и элементарных частиц

Martin Krssak (Мартин Кршшак)
(Университет Тарту, Эстония)

Modified Gravity Theories as Analogues of Non-linear Electrodynamics

Recently various modifications and extensions of general relativity
became a popular subject of study due to various phenomenological and
theoretical reasons. One of such approaches is the so-called
teleparallel gravity, which originates with Einstein's 1920s attempts
for unified field theory, where instead of the usual Riemannian geometry
we use the geometry with ``distant parallelism" (a.k.a. teleparallel
geometry). An advantage of this approach is that it reveals close
structural analogies to electrodynamics, which are more hidden in the
usual formulation where gravity is attributed to the curvature of
spacetime. I will briefly introduce these models and show how every
teleparallel theory of gravity with second order field equations can be
formulated in an analogous way to the axiomatic construction of theories
of electrodynamics. I will explicitly demonstrate this construction for
some popular models as f(T) or teleparallel dark energy models.

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