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Alexey Valer'evich Golovnev
Alexey Golovnev

Alexey Golovnev (b. 03 July 1980). Married, two kids.

Dr. Golovnev has graduated from the high energy and elementary particles physics department of the St. Petersburg State University. He has obtained his bachelor (June 2000) and master (December 2002) degrees with honours. The PhD Thesis (28 December 2006) was devoted to some problems of quantization of systems with constraints, and to quantum mechanics on curved manifolds and submanifolds.

In 2007 - 2010 he worked at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. It was a very nice research collaboration with Prof. Mukhanov, one of the founders of the modern theory of cosmological perturbations. In a widely cited paper by A. Golovnev, V. Mukhanov and V. Vanchurin, a novel model of inflation was proposed. Now it is known under the name of vector inflation, and it has raised a large amount of interest in the community of theoretical cosmologists. After that, Dr. Golovnev has contributed to understanding the unusual properties of vector inflation and to unravelling the bad instabilities which, unfortunately, are common in these models.

Since September 2010, Dr. Golovnev is a junior faculty member at the high energy and elementary particles physics department. His scientific research interests include theoretical cosmology, models of inflation, extra dimensions, massive gravity.

Selected papers
  1. A. Golovnev. On the Hamiltonian analysis of non-linear massive gravity.
    Physics Letters B 707, 404-408 (2012);
  2. A. Golovnev. On cosmic inflation in vector field theories.
    Classical and Quantum Gravity, 28, 245018 (2011);
  3. A. Golovnev. Linear perturbations in vector inflation and stability issues. Physical Review D 81, 023514 (2010);
  4. A. Golovnev. Canonical quantization of motion on submanifolds.
    Reports on Mathematical Physics 64, 59-77 (2009);
  5. A. Golovnev, V. Mukhanov, V. Vanchurin. Gravitational waves in vector inflation.
    Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics, JCAP11(2008)018;
  6. A. Golovnev, V. Mukhanov, V. Vanchurin. Vector inflation.
    Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics, JCAP06(2008)009;
  7. A. Golovnev, A. Ushakov. An invariant variational principle for Hamiltonian mechanics.
    Journal of Physics A 41, 235210 (2008);
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