Particle and Nuclear Physics at all scales, Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology



Tuesday 1. October

(Scientific Center of RAS)

9:00 Registration

Morning session (Chairman Domenec Espriu)
10:00 Opening (SPb city administration, Consul General d’España, D.Espriu, A.Andrianov)

10:20 Alexei Starobinsky
Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics RAS, Moscow
Inflation after Planck results

11:00 Luis Alvarez Gaume
CERN, Geneva
Some comments on supersymmetry and cosmology

11:30 Coffee break

11.50 Valery Rubakov
Institute for Nuclear Research of RAS, Moscow
Can one create a universe in the laboratory?

12:30 Raul Jimenez
ICREA & Institute de Ciencies del Cosmos; Barcelona,
Institute for Nuclear Research of RAS, Moscow
Fundamental Physics from Cosmology

13:10 Dmitry Gorbunov
Institute for Nuclear Research of RAS; Moscow,
Gravity waves from the inflaton clumps

13:40 Lunch

Afternoon session (Chairman Alexandr Andrianov) (Cosmology+ Gravity)

15:00 Iosif B.Khriplovich, A.S.Rudenko
Novosibirsk State University
Gravitational four-fermion interaction and dynamics of the early Universe

15:30 Oriol Pujolas
IFAE and Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
Emergent Lorentz Invariance

16:00 Sergey Sibiryakov
Institute for Nuclear Research of RAS; Moscow,
Cosmological constraints on Lorentz violation in dark matter

16:30 Coffee break

16:50 Domenec Espriu
Universitat de Barcelona
Local measurement of \lambda using pulsar timing arrays

17:20 Alexander Kamenshchik
Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics RAS, Moscow and Universita di Bologna
Soft singularity crossing and transformation of matter properties

18:10 Artyom Astashenok
Baltic Federal University; Kaliningrad,
Confronting dark energy models mimicking LambdaCDM epoch with observational constraints

18:50 End of the Session

19:30 Welcome party (University restaurant)

Wednesday 2.October

Morning session (Chairman Jose Bernabeu) (Peter the Great's Hall SPbSU)

10:00 Maria J. García Borge
CSIC, Madrid; CERN, Geneva
ISOLDE Facility at CERN: highlights and future plans

10:30 Carlos Pajares
Universidad de Santiago de Compostela,
Geometrical scaling in pp,pA,AA and saturation of gluons

11:00 Mikhail Braun
Saint-Petersburg State University
Inclusive gluon production in the effective QCD action approach

11:30 Coffee break

Chairman Mikhail Braun

11:50 Assumpta Parreño
Universitat de Barcelona
Lattice QCD calculations for Nuclear Physics

12:30 Nikolay Krasnikov
Institute for Nuclear Research of RAS, Moscow
Some aspects of statistics at LHC

13:00 Xavier Viñes
Universitat de Barcelona,
Simple effective interaction: Infinite matter and finite nuclei

13:30 Lunch

Afternoon session A (Chairman Carlos Pajares) (Peter the Great's Hall SPbSU) (LHC, QCD et al)

15:00 Francisco Fernandez
Universidad de Salamanca
Molecular Charmonium. A new spectroscopy?

15:30 Grigory Feofilov
St.Petersburg State University
Correlation between mean transfer momentum and multiplicity of charged particles in pp and ppbar collisions: from ISR to LHC

16:00 Alexander Pankov
Gomel University, Bielorussia
Spin determination of new heavy resonances at the LHC

16:20 Coffee break

16:40 Boris Ermolaev
Ioffe Institute for Physics and Technology; St. Petersburg,
Relations between collinear and k_T -factorizations

17:00 Anatoly Kotikov
BLTP, Joint Institute for Nucler Research; Dubna,
Q2-evolution of parton densities at small x values. Combined H1 and ZEUS F2 data

17:20 Vladimir Vechernin
Saint-Petersburg State University;
Correlation between multiplicities in windows separated in azimuth and rapidity

18:10 End of the Session A

Afternoon session B (Chairman Xavier Viñes) (Mendeleev Center SPbSU) (Nuclear Physics)

15:00 Konstantin Gridnev
Saint-Petersburg State University
The new neutron rich nuclei

15:30 Volodymyr Magas
Universitat de Barcelona;
The Kbar N --> K Cascade reaction in coupled channel chiral models up to next-to-leading order

16:00 Mitko Gaidarov
Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy BAS, Bulgaria
Symmetry Energy and Surface Properties of Neutron-Rich Exotic Nuclei
[M. K. Gaidarov, A. N. Antonov (Bulgaria), P. Sarriguren, E. Moya de Guerra (Spain)]

16:30 Coffee break

16:50 Dmitry Gridnev
Saint-Petersburg State University and FIAS, Frankfurt
Argonne potential and multi neutron systems

17:20 Victor Tselyaev
Saint-Petersburg State University
Spurious states and stability condition in the extended RPA theories

17:50 End of the Session B

Thursday 3. October

(Peterhof Campus)

Morning session (Chairman Andrei Slavnov) (Physics Faculty)

10:00 Jose Bernabeu
Universitat de Valencia
Time Reversal Violation For Entangled Neutral Mesons

10:30 Dmitry Kazakov
BLTP, Joint Institute for Nucler Research; Dubna
Search for SUSY: MSSM versus NMSSM and model dependence of the analysis

11:00 Antonio Dobado Gonzalez
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Strongly Interacting Electroweak Symmetry Breaking Sector with a Higgs-like light scalar

11:30 Coffee break; Poster session

12:20 Joan Sola
Universitat de Barcelona
Vacuum energy and cosmological evolution

12:50 Alexander Andrianov
Saint-Petersburg State University
Universal Landau pole

13:10 Vladimir Semenov
Saint Petersburg State University
Buoyancy of relativistic magnetic flux tubes and Penrose process produce jets from Kerr Black Holes

13:30 Lunch and Excursion to the Peterhof

List of Poster presentations (Thursday 3.October, Physics Faculty SPbSU, 11:40-12:30)

Sergei Kolevatov
Saint-Petersburg State University
Boundary filters for vector particles passing parity breaking domains

Anna Yaparova
Immanuel Kant Baltic federal university; Kaliningrad,
Superpotential and U(\phi) Method for Brane and Friedman Cosmology

Igor Altsybeev
Saint-Petersburg State University
Study of forward-backward multiplicity correlations in pp collisions using the MC Toy model

Stepan Sidorov
Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics; JINR Dubna,
New type of N=4 SUSY quantum mechanics

Vladimir Kovalenko
Saint Petersburg State University
Long-range correlations in proton-nucleus collisions in MC model with string fusion

Tatiana Drozhzhova
Saint Petersburg State University
Evaluation of centrality classes based on Glauber Monte-Carlo model in heavy-ion collisions at high energy

Alla Semenova
Petersburg Institute for Nuclear Physics; Saint-Petersburg,
Description of baryons in the framework of composite superconformal string model

Olga Postnova
Saint-Petersburg State University; Saint-Petersburg

Friday 4.October

Morning session (Chairwoman Maria J. Garcia Borge) (Peter the Great's Hall )

10:00 Andrei Slavnov
Steklov Mathematical Institute RAS
Gauge invariant infrared regularization of Yang-Mills theory, valid beyond perturbation theory

10:30 Manuel Asorey
Universidad de Zaragoza
Instabilities of Coulomb phases and quark confinement in QCD

11:00 Jorge Russo
ICREA, Universitat de Barcelona
Large N limit of supersymmetric SU(N) gauge theories from localization

11:30 Coffee break

Chairman Antonio Dobado

11:50 Jose Ramon Pelaez
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Review of Light scalar mesons: from confusion to precision

12:20 Irina Aref'eva
Steklov Mathematical Institute of RAS
Holographic description of QGP formation

13:00 Emilio Elizalde
ICE-CSIC and IEEC, Barcelona
On a family of non-local gravity models

13:30 Lunch and walk to the Scientist's Club

Afternoon sessions (Scientist's Club)

Session A (Chairman Alexandr Kamenshchik) (Neutrino et al)

15:00 Manuel Masip
Universidad de Granada
Sterile neutrinos at MiniBooNE and IceCube

15:30 Alberto Gascon
Universidad de Granada;
Recent results from the Pierre Auger Observatory

Session B (Gravity and Branes)

16:00 Andrei A.Grib, Yu.V.Pavlov
Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia
Rotating black holes as supercolliders of elementary particles

16:20 Oleg Novikov, Vladimir Andrianov
Saint-Petersburg State University
Thick branes from self-gravitating scalar fields

16:40 Coffee break

Chairwoman Irina Aref’eva

17:00 Pedro Labraña
Universitat de Barcelona & ICC;
Tunneling and The Emergent Universe Scheme

17:20 Alexey Golovnev
Saint-Petersburg State University
Hamiltonian ADM analysis of bimetric and multimetric gravity theories

17:40 Ekaterina Pozdeeva
Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics, Lomonosov Moscow State University;
Multiplicity and membranes collision in modified AdS

18:00 Sergey Vernov
SINP, Lomonosov Moscow State University;
Exact cosmological solutions in induced gravity models

18:20 Sergey Afonin
Saint-Petersburg State University
Recent advances in the bottom-up holographic approach

18:40 Anton Sheykin, Sergei Paston
Saint-Petersburg State University
The approach to gravity as a theory of embedded surface

19:00 End of Sessions A and B

Session C (Chairman Manuel Asorey) (QFT, SUSY et al)

15:00 Alexander Gorsky
Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics; Moscow
Baryon as dyonic instanton

15:30 Evgeny Ivanov
Bogolyubov Laboratory for Theoretical Physics, JINR; Dubna,
New approach to duality-invariant nonlinear electrodynamics

16:00 Jose-Joaquin Sanchez-Guillen
Universidad de Santiago de Compostela
BPS solitons from vol-preserving-diff symmetries and their applications in nuclear, hadronic and astrophysics

16:30 Coffee break

16:50 Alexei Yung
Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute, Gatchina
Seiberg's duality and N=2 SQCD

17:10 Juan Mateos Guilarte
Universidad de Salamanca
False vacua, tunnel determinants, zeta functions

17:30 Valery Marachevsky
Saint-Petersburg State University
Local probing of Casimir-Polder interaction

17:50 Jose M. Muñoz Castañeda
Universitaet Leipzig; Leipzig, Germany
Quantum field theory over bounded domains

18:10 Yury Pis'mak
Saint-Petersburg State University
Chern-Simons potential in models of Casimir effect

18:30 End of the Session C

19:00 Round table (Summary and perspectives)
(Discussion leaders: V.Rubakov, L.Alvarez Gaume, A. Andrianov, D.Espriu, I.Aref’eva, J.Bernabeu, ...)
20:00 Conference dinner



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